Believe it or not, our life has gradually become too monotonous. Every day we do the same activities, eat the same kind of food, walk on well-known paths. We have diminished the world into a bleak room. These days, surprises are so rare,  probably because we are over afraid of doing new things. If you have an option for dinner of having latest Italian food versus Dal Makhini, I bet you will order Dal. Since our childhood, we do what our elders do, friends do; we always try copying them.

One should be fresh to take every opportunity, think new ideas, do a new mischief. Our mind has developed the habit to restrain our heart feelings, it should not be the case. The main problem is that we over think which we shouldn’t. If you keep yourself always open to new things, there is a great probability of doing or hitting wonders. Being a restricted person is killing yourself and your abilities. As the person hits 18, we say he/she is adult, it means you can make your own decisions whether right or wrong. There is no craze in being stubborn to old things; magic is in creating new wonders. It’s good to have goals, but do not leave everything in your surroundings for that. I feel being open to new paths, ideas, even food is cool and trying them is the coolest thing. I wanted to end this article like this “Let the sun glow in you, don’t be a moon” but I will not. Let the ending be not a phrase but an act; Go and check in the mirror, do your eyes have the shine.


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